Ease Your Menopause Symptoms With Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Menopause comes at a time in life when many women are embracing new adventures and relationships. The downside is the host of side effects: hot flashes, mood swings, insomnia, and vaginal dryness, to name a few.

This developmental milestone plays out differently in every woman’s life, which means that we must treat each of our patients as an individual, and we do. 

Dr. Leslie Welborne, Dr. Melissa Bailey, Dr. Alisa Ward, and nurse practitioner Ruth Whiddon have combined expertise in providing women’s care that’s advanced, patient-centered, and sensitively administered. 

The Centennial OBGYN, PA team is dedicated to treating you, not just your menopause symptoms. Since we care for women at every “age and stage,” we’re here for the woman who needs help with night sweats just as much as we are for the new mother.

What happens when you hit menopause?

When your body stops producing eggs, your period ceases, and you’re fully in menopause. 

Perimenopause, or the time that leads up to menopause, comes with its own set of emotional and physical challenges. This period can last up to 10 years, so menopausal women aren’t always taken completely by surprise when symptoms hit. 

What fuels “the change” for women is the drastically lowered estrogen level that comes with not having a period anymore. This sometimes sudden but always life-altering shift proves just how influential your hormones and hormone levels are to your body and health. 

Bio-identical hormone therapy and menopause

Treating women who suffer from menopausal discomfort with bio-identical hormone therapy (BHRT) makes a marked positive difference.

Bio-identical hormones, as you can probably glean from the name, are man-made hormones that mimic your own naturally produced hormones very closely. We prescribe BHRT in pill, patch, and gel forms, and we see great improvements for our patients when we prescribe them. 

Some benefits include:

BHRT restores balance naturally, gradually, and steadily to your hormonal system, thereby reducing your discomfort and symptoms. 

Is bio-identical hormone therapy safe?

Unlike bio-identical hormones, previous generations of hormone therapy treatment were synthetically made and not molecularly identical to real human hormones. 

Some studies showed that a mixture of synthetic estrogen and progestin raised the risk of breast cancer for some women

We don’t have those same concerns with bio-identical hormones because they’re created specifically for you, based on your health profile.

Of course, before our team prescribes any treatment for you, including bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, they discuss it thoroughly with you in the context of your family health history and personal medical history. 

BHRT works in concert with lifestyle changes 

In addition to your BHRT treatment, we counsel you on healthy lifestyle changes you can make that will reduce your menopausal symptoms even further:

We realize that in order to remedy your menopausal symptoms in the best way, we — physician and patient — must form a team to examine the issue through multiple lenses. It’s the only way we’ll come to a personalized treatment plan designed just for you.  

See if you’re a candidate for bio-identical hormone therapy

Put uncomfortable and intrusive menopausal symptoms in your rearview mirror. Call our office at 972-947-2281 or book an appointment online for a consultation. 

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